Domain Registration & Hosting


Domain Registration & Information

Part of domain registration is choosing your domain registration name. A domain name is your website identifier and refers to the named address for your website location on the Internet, such as It is important to choose a domain registration name that represents your business in a way that consumers understand what your website is about just from reading the name.

Registering a domain name secures that specific Internet address for you alone, which means no one else can use that particular domain name on the Internet. This makes you the unique business at this domain address and no one else can use the same words for their website domain registration.

Website Hosting

The first step in establishing a successful website is to settle on a reliable, secure Website hosting plan. A Website hosting company specializes in storing website files on its servers and guaranteeing the hosting system will be continually available online, with minimal and planned downtime.  Digital Marketing & Media Insights Website hosting services offer clients a variety of allowable monthly data transfers, digital file storage, email storage, and more.  We handle every aspect of the Website hosting process. Our Website hosting customers never need to worry about maintenance to the server, upgrades or any configurations.

Digital Marketing & Media Insights Web hosting services offer an array of different types of hosting packages and plans, including:

  • Shared Hosting – can be useful for customers who have a limited budget and are not bothered by some traffic and data transfer limitations
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) – small businesses with a need for more power typically choose VPS hosting because they do not want to deal with dedicated hosting prices.
  • Dedicated Hosting – is very powerful and also more expensive. Dedicated hosting is generally used for websites overly excessive high levels of daily traffic
  • Managed WordPress Hosting Plans – are primarily used by businesses who want to work on building their website through WordPress, a content management platform.

As a WordPress Digital Marketing business, we focus on working with those businesses seeking Managed WordPress Hosting packages and plans, in addition to WordPress website development. In the end, it is vital to remember that your hosting plan can grow and change as your business website does.


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